The best path for carriers to connect with brokers

Be easy to work with and a carrier of choice

  • Improved communications 
  • Streamlined workflows 
  • Reduced risk 
  • Delighted broker partners 
  • Automated data exchange 

Why carrierConnect

Real-time data exchange
CarrierConnect automates data exchange and ensures real-time connectivity with a range of transaction possibilities.  

Improved communications
The easiest path for carriers to connect and drive digital adoption of BMS for brokers.  

Reduced risk
Ensure data integrity, avoid errors, duplicate data entry, and repetitive manual tasks.  

Cost savings
No middleware service or third-party solution to maintain or purchase for the carrier, and consistent updates are automatically made.  

Streamlined broker workflows
Work cooperatively with brokers with a simple, standardized, and streamlined workflow. 

CarrierConnect is reflective of the commitment to provide our broker partners ‘ease-of-doing-business’ tools to help them successfully compete and grow their business. Each transaction begins and ends in SIG, allowing brokers to work in the environment they are most comfortable with, that is easy to maintain, and ensures uninterrupted service for brokers.

Martin Delage

President & COO, Unica Insurance

CarrierConnect works seamlessly and effectively with your broker partners.

Streamline broker interactions

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Data management

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