The foundational broker management solution for your core business.

Streamline your brokerage’s workflows, improve productivity, and drive new business

  • Boost staff efficiency 
  • Drive new business 
  • Improve client experience 
  • Increase retention
  • Integrate with ease
  • Streamline workflows  
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Why SIG?

Open SaaS Architecture
Leverage SaaS technology and a robust library of APIs and Orange Partners to seamlessly connect applications with SIG to scale faster and increase flexibility, while safeguarding your business and simplifying IT operations. 

Brokerage efficiency 
A smarter way to manage all aspects of your brokerage with fewer clicks, less duplication, and less back and forth. 

A 360° view of client information
Get quick and easy access to all of your customers’ activity and records to provide exceptional service.

Stay on top of sales opportunities
Manage your sales opportunities and pipeline to drive growth.  

Better renewal, better retention
Automate and effortlessly manage renewal tasks to increase retention.

Improve staff productivity
Empower your team to work from anywhere with modern and secure technology that drives consistency and automates workflows. 

Meet SIG

The management system that grows with your brokerage

Your brokerage management system should help your team focus on what matters most to your business. SIG provides the foundation for independent brokerages to grow their book of business and boost their profitability.​ 

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Although many of the BMS in the marketplace may appear to be similar, it really does come down to the small things that improve workflow efficiencies – Vertafore understands this and delivers it in SIG.

Rick Dresher

President, Affiliated Insurance Management Inc.

Unlock endless possibilities with a BMS that checks all the boxes!

Drive sales

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Serve and Engage Your Customers

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View Your Brokerage Like Never Before

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Improve market connectivity

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Integrate with ease

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Accounting built for insurance

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Document management made easy

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Data compliance and security

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The insurance industry is evolving.
Your management system should too

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