Bitcoin, the Blockchain, and Insurance Disruption

May 30, 2018 /

MONTRÉAL, QC, TORONTO, ON –– June 12, 2018

You have heard about Blockchain and Bitcoin, but maybe you’re not quite sure what all of this has to insurance disruption.  Vertafore’s Ben Deda breaks it down in his article Bitcoin, the Blockchain, and Insurance Disruption

When you think about all the work and effort that has gone into broker and insurer connectivity, the concept of a common ledger duplicated and validated across a wide collection of individual databases, starts to become pretty attractive.  And why do we think it will work for insurance?  Because it’s already working for Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency (digital money).  With Blockchain, the process of gathering information from your insured, validating that information, sending it to your underwriters, receiving back quotes, binding the business, issuing DECs, etc., changes significantly.   All of these back and forth steps in the process can be eliminated.  The process becomes “frictionless”, a term we will be hearing more and more, as the transaction doesn’t involve sending/receiving and translating data, but rather exposing data, and adding another block to the common chain.

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